Summing Up --
Some Concluding Responses Before Conversion

Please include full name, address, phone number, Hebrew name(s) you have chosen and date. Typing is preferred. However, if you write your responses, please skip lines. Please enclose three copies of your response and keep one for yourself.

I. Please describe the process which has led you to want to convert to Judaism.

IIa. What are the beliefs and values in Judaism which you find most appealing and persuasive?

IIb. If you were raised in another religion, in what ways do you feel that Judaism differs from that religion? In what ways do you feel Judaism is more appropriate for you?

III. Describe how you now, and in the future, plan to observe Jewish practices and maintain the Jewish way of life. Specifically, describe how you plan to observe kashrut. What positive practices have you assumed to make Shabbat a special day and what common- place activities do you commit yourself to avoid to enhance the holiness of Shabbat? Describe in detail your intended observance of the Jewish holidays. Describe how your home has become or will become Jewish.

IV. Describe your sense of identification with the Jewish people. Please discuss this as it relates to the State of Israel, World .Jewry, the American Jewish community and the world of the synagogue.

V. Describe your feelings about Jewish prayer and indicate what prayer(s) you recite regularly. Of what synagogue do you pledge yourself to become a member immediately after conversion? How frequently do you commit yourself to attend religious services?

VI. What are your plans for further Jewish study?

VII. (When applicable) If you were to be blessed with children, how would you educate them formally and nurture them informally in Judaism?

VIII. Please list the books and articles (non-fiction and fiction) about Judaism and the Jewish experience which you have read.

-For the Jewish partner when applicable.

Please include name, address, phone, Hebrew name(s) and date. Enclose three copies of your response. How has this process leading to conversion affected your feelings about Judaism and your commitments to its practises?