Declaration of Faith

I affirm my commitment to the God of Israel, the Torah of Israel, the people of Israel. I do this of my own free will. In accepting Judaism I sever my ties to any other religion with which I may once have been affiliated.

I pray that my present conviction may guide me through life, that I may be worthy of the sacred tradition and fellowship which I now join. As I am thankful for the privileges thus bestowed upon me, I pray that I may always remain conscious of the obligations which are mine as a member of the House of Israel.

I pledge myself to live the Jewish way of holiness by accepting the mitzvot of Judaism wherever I may be. I shall seek both to infuse my life with Jewish values and to create a distinctly Jewish atmosphere in my home.

Specifically, I declare my determination to the best of my ability, to make the following Jewish observances an integral part of both my life and that of my family:

To bring all children born to me or adopted by me subsequent to this conversion into the Covenant of Abraham with sons having a brit milah and with daughters being named in accordance with Jewish procedure;

To give these children a meaningful Jewish education;

To make Shabbat and Jewish holidays important moments of holiness in my home with candlelighting, kiddush, and other rituals distinctive to each holy day;

To avoid, on Shabbat and Jewish holidays, practices which detract from the sanctity of these festive times;

To incorporate kashrut into my life;

To affiliate with a synagogue upon this conversion and to attend synagogue religious services regularly;

To pray at home using the Jewish liturgy as the basis for my worship;

To participate in the life of the Jewish community by supporting religious and communal institutions in Israel and the Diaspora;

To identify with the State of Israel, the center of Jewish hopes and aspirations;

To engage in Jewish study on a continuing basis;

I pray that, in all these ways, I may continue to grow in the love of Judaism and find blessing because of my decision to become one with the Jewish people. By joining the Jewish faith may I add my willing heart and hands to our eternal task of being God's co-partners in seeking to perfect the world under His almighty sovereignty.


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