The Introduction to Judaism Program

How to Build Jewish Commitment

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You are expected to attend Sabbath services regularly - at least three times a month. If you do not already have a synagogue affiliation where you live, you should spend the first two months exploring Conservative synagogues near you and choose one which you will attend and ask its rabbi to be your sponsor. You should meet with the rabbi every month or six weeks and he or she will monitor your progress and deal with any pressing issues you may raise. At the end of the process, the sponsor and Rabbi Lerner will determine whether you are ready to come before the bet din, the Jewish court, for conversion.

During this period, you should make every effort to attend services for every holiday and to begin the process of living as a Jew. Essential areas of commitment include making the Sabbath and its practices and prohibitions part of your life and to incorporate kashrut into your life as well.

The goal is to climb a ladder of Jewish observance, faith and commitment. Since the ladder stretches toward heaven, we recognize that no two people will reach the same rung. But we expect to see you well along the way. Where there is a Jewish partner, we expect him or her to participate in classes, study and Jewish growth.

We wish you well on what we pray will be a great and transforming adventure for you.

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